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Vrobel's Classes

Arbeitsaufträge Vrobel vom 13. Bis 16. 11. 2018
Q1 LK Englisch: Continue reading To Kill a Mockingbird according to our reading schedule. The presentations will continue in chronological order as of Monday 19th: We’ll have 3 instead of 2 presentations on Monday and Wednesday, 2 on Thursday:
19.11.: From Reconstruction to Segregation; 1900-1945, the Great Migration, WWI, Ethnic Minorities; The Depression, New Deal.  21.11.: The Impact of WW II, Post-WWII Years; Southern Blacks in Late 1945; Truman (I & II), Eisenhower, The Brown Ruling. 22.11.: 1955: Emmett Till/Autherine Lucy, The Montgomery Bus Boycott (1956), Rosa Parks; Little Rock, Eisenhower’s Civil Rights Acts (1957/1960), The Cold War.
Please download the worksheet “Atticus” and proceed analogously to our characterizations of Scout and Calpurnia. Having completed the grid, characterize Atticus in a flow text of approx. 300 words.

Q3 LK Englisch: Our written class test 2-2 on the topic of “Power and Moral Dilemmas” will take place on Monday 19th as planned. The following texts we have dealt with in class are relevant for the test and should therefore be revised:  Trolleyology and the definition of a moral dilemma, the text on moral philosophies (Aristotle, Kant and Bentham), the Economist article on Utilitarianism, the text on freedom of action and freedom of will (Hume, Reid, Locke), the text on child soldiers (Just Warfare and International Law) and the text on the co-joined twins Mary and Jodie.
In the meantime, please download the file on neurobiology and complete the 3 written tasks specified at the top of that text. (This text is not relevant for Monday's class test).

Q3 GK Kunst (g10 und g11): Bitte ladet die WORD-Datei Gehry herunter und lest den Text.  Stellt zu einem der 8 abgebildeten Gebäude weitere Außen- und Innenansichten zusammen und diskutiert (schriftlich), welche Bereiche des Bauwerks rein skulpturaler Natur sind und wo das Prinzip „form follows function“ zu erkennen ist. Die praktischen Arbeiten werden ab Montag, den 19.11. weitergeführt.


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